Curiosity takes you places. It connects you to new cultures, experiences, and people. At Usai, we believe in creating a curiosity that connects you with the deeper meaning of tea, and in turn, with each other.

Curiosity asks ‘how?’, ‘why?’, and ‘what’s next?’ It finds new answers to old questions. It sparks moments of awe and inspiration, and uncovers new understanding. It finds unexpected connections between opposing forces. Light and dark, East and West, or old and new. It rethinks the world of the familiar, and reimagines the world as it could be.

Led by curiosity, we’ve travelled all over, seeking centuries-old stories to share with new friends. Creating moments to connect, moments to reflect. Moments that fuel the body and feed the mind. From the Qing Dynasty to the islands of Japan, our story is filled with history, ritual, and experience. Infused with legends, and steeped in culture. Every tea has a tale to tell. Discover one with Usai.