Gyokuro Gyokuro Gyokuro Gyokuro

Every tea has a tale to tell.
This is the tale of Gyokuro.


Japanese Sencha

  • Portion 25+ Cups
  • Profile

    Gyokuro is vibrant, jade-coloured and full-bodied, with just a hint of sweetness. Its unique Oishitaen shading method increases the amino acid L-Theanine, producing savoury umami notes and very little bitterness in the leaves. Gyokuro’s fresh-picked tea leaves are steamed, cooled, rolled and dried, creating a dark green, high-gloss, Sencha-style loose leaf tea.

  • Story

    Every tea has a tale to tell. This is the tale of Gyokuro. One long winter in 1830s Japan, a travelling tea merchant visited tea farms throughout Uji. The plants had been covered with straw shades, protecting them from the frost. That year’s leaves produced an incredible flavour the likes of which had never been tasted before. This shading method became known as Oishitaen. In 1835, it was combined with the Sencha leaf-rolling technique to create the first ever Gyokuro. Today, Gyokuro’s leaves are still shaded before each harvest. And Gyokuro – or ‘Jade Dew’ – is considered Japan’s finest loose leaf green tea.

  • Provenance

    Origin — Japan
    Area — Kagoshima Prefecture
    Type – Green Tea

  • Brew Craft

    Quantity — 2g of tea per 150mL of water
    Temp — 60 °C (140 °F)
    Time — 90 to 120 secs
    Infusions — Up to 6, +5 °C each steep

  • Ingredients

    Green Tea

  • Presentation

    Tight Needle-like